Burning Rubber

One the largest factory in Eau Claire, we take you by the legendary Uniroyal Plant (now Banbury Place) and through the East Hill.

MapMyRun Interactive Map

Parking: Phoenix Park. Head east

1.) Depart from “Balance of Power” and proceed behind Jamf.

2.) Cross Hobart and continue down Galloway

3.) Cross Farwell and continue down Galloway

4.) After the iconic swan, when it is safe, cross Galloway Street and join the bike trail

5.) At mile marker one take a right over the bridge

6.) Once you cross the bridge veer right towards the playground

7.) Go up the hill and cross Main St.

7.) Take a left on Barland St.

8.) Right on Summer St.

9.) When you get to the boneyard turn right on Huebsch St.

10.) When you get to Emery St. take a left

11.) At Talmadge St. cross the street and continue on Emery up the hill

12.) Cross Doty and admire the view

13.) After the overlook take a left down Doty

14.) Cross the street at Seaver St. and continue on Doty down the hill

15.) Cross Main and take a right

16.) When you get to Dodge cut back and follow the sidewalk through the park

17.) As you leave the park cross Grand Ave. and continue down Doty St.

18.) Take a right on Dewey St.

19.) Just before the Eau Claire River bridge take a right and go down the bike path

20.) After you cross the S hang a sharp left and continue west down the bike path

21.) Cross Dewey, take a left and head down the bike path

22.) Go under Barstow in Farwell streets and follow the path back to “Balance of Power.”