Lumbering Downtown

From the Pablo Center to historic homes of Eau Claire's founding industrialists and 'lumbering' through downtown.

Parking: Phoenix Park. Head south.

Map & Clues

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1.) Start at the Salmon Runner and cross the bridge towards Graham

2.) Paddle across Lake and continue on Graham

3.) Cross and take a right at the Duke of Earl, then a “Port” turn.

4.) Take a right on Sir Isaac St.

5.) Left on Wilcox (follow sidewalk)

6.) Right on Marston

7.) Left on Thorp and proceed through the commons

8.) When you reach the top of the mountain turn left

9.) Don’t stop and "Park", instead turn left

10.) This isn’t the mall but turn right anyway

11.) Left on state

12.) Two quick crosses first Marston then Graham to continue on State.

13.) Cross Barstow and continue down Sir Isaac again.

14.) Left on Farwell

15.) Take a stroll through Wilson Park and admire all the history.

16.) As you leave Wilson park take a left on Farwell and continue north on it.

17.) Cross Farwell at Gray and head East on Gray.

18.) Left on Dewey

19.) Cross over our city’s namesake and turn left onto Galloway to the light.

20.) Cross Farwell and turn left

21.) At 22, a Million cross to the opposite side of the the street and go towards City Hall.

22.) Turn right onto Main

23.) Turn right at Barstow and keep your “eyes” peeled

24.) When you get to the big wave take a left and proceed home!