What a View

What a View

Start at the edge of Mt. Simon Park and saunter through views of Dells Pond and the city skyline.

Map & Clues

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Parking: Mt. Simon's Babe Ruth Little League Fields. Head south

  1. Start at the concession stand of Babe Ruth fields. 1115 North Eddy St.

  2. Walk the length of Babe’s parking lot and head south down Eddy Street. Don’t forget to cross the old railroad.

  3. Cross North Dewey and head to the right

  4. Turn left on Birch

  5. From Birch Street, cross and turn left on Putnam St

  6. Cross Putnam and turn right on Omaha.

  7. Take a right on Davis Ave

  8. Be careful as you cross Birch Street and turn right

  9. Cross Balcom and turn left

  10. Hang a right on Summit as you continue going around Longfellow Elementary

  11. Cross Putnam and turn Left

  12. Turn right on Madison St

  13. Bear right on Germania and cross at the crosswalk onto Division St

  14. Take a Right onto N Dewey St

  15. head back up Eddy St to where you started