When you finish a week's worth of maps, email those answers to

  • Please submit your TEAM NAME with all email submissions!

  • If possible, turn in the full route's OR full week's submissions - selfies, trivia answers, and Charter Bank Bonus Bucks - in ONE email.

Each week local business prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • One prize to the first individual or team with ALL 26 (12 selfies, 12 trivia, and 2 Charter Bank Bonus Bucks) answered correctly!

  • 9 random winners chosen from all other remaining entries with at least 20 correct answers submitted by the deadline (Wednesdays at 11:59 pm).

Jamf Crack the Code

Be on the hunt throughout the 4 weeks for the Jamf Crack the Code EC COVID Clues Medallion! If you find the medallion, please email a picture with medallion & the location to Take it with you & we will contact you about the GRAND PRIZE!

The EC COVID Clues Medallion Grand Prize is $50 to Ramone's, $50 to Brewing Projekt, $50 to the EC Children's Museum, $50 to the Eau Claire Express, and $50 to EC-DC! Happy hunting!